Bun-Gee Pup-ee Leashes-SHOCK ABSORBING!

ATLANTIC CANADA EXCLUSIVE: These quality-crafted leashes are both effective and attractive!  Designed to protect you and your dog from the jarring impact of sudden jerks, Bun-Gee Pup-ee leashes are gaining traction in the Halifax Metro dog community. The Chewed Slipper sells these leashes in both 3 and 6 foot lengths (by adding a carabiner, the six foot can be doubled-up to use in a 3 foot capacity).

Each leash is classified according to the weight class of a dog….. 20lb, 45 lb, 65lb, 165lb.

Visit us in-store to get a closer look at these beauties!

For more from the manufacturer go here!



*note: this site is currently under construction….sorry for any mistakes/incomplete content…come back and it will look really snazzy

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  1. I want to get a another Bunge leash in red and black, but I can’t find your phone number or your store hours. Can you please contact me with this information. I do not live in the city so I am hoping you are open on the weekend. I will be in the city on March 8, but I don’t know if you are open on Sunday..



    • Sorry Heather! We just moved to this site and its taking me awhile to input everything. On our ‘Contact’ page you will find the address & number. And yes, our retail shop is open Sundays 9-5. I will email you with the details as well.


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