Tuscan Natural… The Power of Olive Oil & Your Pet

Many pup-parents struggle to break through the constant barrage of pet nutrition messages.

We totally get that.

So much so, that at The Chewed Slipper we did our research and listened to our pet food advisers. Clearly, there is much confusion in the market with an understandable fear of wrong ingredients or questionable processing.  Unlike most pet retailers, we only offer two brands of food….and the reason is simple: pick the best pet nutrition and offer it at the best price.

One of those food brands is Tuscan Natural. The corner stone of this extraordinary food is the inclusion of  premium olive oil. We know how awesome olive oil is for us humans and when added to Tuscan Natural it is awesome for our dogs and cats.

The team behind this innovative brand have extensive experience in creating tasty, holistic pet foods using safe and state of the art manufacturing.

What we love about Tuscan Natural is the flexibility.

For the chicken-sensitive dog (which is more common than you think) Tuscan Natural offers Simply Pure Lamb or Ocean Extreme hypo-allergenic formulas.

For the poultry-tolerant dog you can opt for the holistic delicious Harvest recipe, grain-free Carne or the hypoallergenic Simply Pure chicken.

These food formulas are designed to ensure each feeding provides maximum nutritional impact.

Ask yourself: am I picking up a lot of dog poop?

Yeah, that’s a gross but ultimately revealing question. The kibble brand you feed ideally should result in compact, firm stool. When this doesn’t happen it could be due to dietary sensitivity or ingredients which are essentially expensive filler.

Come by our shop at 937 Sackville Drive for FREE SAMPLES and straight talk. All of our staff have been trained to ask questions, listen and then give you a simple place to start from. At The Chewed Slipper we could sell you any bag of food…we would rather help you find the best darn nutrition you can find at a price that fits your family budget.

We may be a dog daycare but we have yummy, premium food for our Feline furkids, too!

-Denmother aka Nicolle Bellefontaine

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