Murphy’s Oil Soap & Your Dog

IMG_20150323_141115820First things first, I do not believe most dogs should be bathed too frequently. It is totally natural for dogs to retain some oils in their coats.  For longer coated dogs,  a good brush and a light mist of an all-natural canine scent (you can find many home-made recipes on Pinterest) usually does the trick.   For the ultra short coat, a warm, damp towel can do a nice job toward freshening up your sweet pooch.

However, there are times when your dog may be plagued with an oily coat and patches of flaky skin.  Usually this irritates the dog and the dog has a stronger odour than usual.

The cause of this could be dietary or something more involved and it is wise to talk with your veterinarian.
Until you visit with your veterinarian, you can bath your dog using Murphy’s Oil Soap.

Yep, MURPHY’S OIL SOAP for WOOD….and that comes from Dr.Jean Dodds!

Dr. Dodds has been a veterinarian, animal advocate and holistic pioneer for 50 years. A few years ago, Dr. Dodds was in Halifax for a two-day seminar. Among the myriad topics discussed was using Murphy’s Oil Soap to bathe dogs with oily coats/dandruff/hot spots. I was shocked at first (the whole room was a twitter, in fact) but I tried it on my Basset Hound and his dandruff did seem better.

I would recommend ensuring your dog is well-soaked and then use a diluted amount, followed by a very good rinse.
As well, this is not a bath I would do often….only when the coat is true need of a soothing and deep clean.

Now, you can google it for yourself and you will read all sorts of conflicting opinions on this practice…and that is what makes the world go ’round, as they say.

But if it’s okay for Dr. Dodds, then I think it is an option any pup-parent should explore.

And it bears repeating: if your dog is struggling with a greasy, flaky coat or troublesome hot spots, there is definitely an issue that needs to be resolved.  Your veterinarian should be open to examining this from all possible angles, including food sensitivity, thyroid-function, etc.

To learn more about the PAWSOME Dr. Jean Dodds, hit her BLOG!

– Denmother

aka Nicolle Bellefontaine

The Chewed Slipper

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