CUJO The Survivor!

10256952_10152034610722181_3617384673538344286_nCujo is a personality-packed 5 year old daschund…and beloved fur-kid of TCS Puppy Wrangler Laci. Barely four weeks ago, this sweet dash was rushed to Atlantic Veterinary College for emergency spinal surgery.  Diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease and suddenly paralyzed from mid-back, Cujo was struggling to breathe and even with the spinal surgery he was facing a less than 50% chance of regaining mobility.

Now, after just a few weeks of hydro-therapy (water-treadmill) and acupuncture treatments Cujo is actually walking on his own!!!   While he is able to walk (in a wobbly fashion), Cujo is still dragging his rear toes and will be spending part of his time motoring around in a wheel-chair.

7609_10152351847792181_3538506661186996460_nBelow are videos showing Cujo’s impressive results over the past few weeks.
And if you are interested in helping fund this extraordinarily expensive recovery, there is a GO FUND ME for Cujo here.

Denmother aka Nicolle Bellefontaine

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