TICKS are gross!

Like, SO gross, right?

IMG_8019 But along with a huge ick factor, ticks can carry Lyme Disease and transmit it to both humans and dogs. What you need to know, is that parts of Nova Scotia can be straight up lousy with ticks.    In fact, so much so that the provincial government has created a whole section on their site to inform residents of Canada’s Ocean Playground.  I highly recommend hitting that site for the bounty of information you will find there.

If you are looking for a chart depiction of tick varieties….this is a great one.


Keep a brush or tick comb in your vehicle to thoroughly run through your dog’s coat prior to re-entry into your vehicle.

Another tip (for black dogs especially), run a sticky lint roller over the dog and your clothes.

Use lint rollers to get ticks off short haired dogs.

Dragging a white piece of fabric across the grass to clear the yard of ticks.

Note: Feeding garlic or brewers yeast has been proven to be ineffective in preventing fleas and ticks.IMG_8027

For holistic prevention we recommend using food-grade Diatomaceous Earth (simply rub this powder into your dog’s coat prior to spending time in an area known for ticks or when you expect to be out on a trail walk).  Scroll to the bottom of this post to read a testimonial by a pup-parent who has tried all the veterinary options and found success with this all-natural (and super-cheap/safe) option.

Our Food and Holistic Guru, Melanie Briand (of Harmony Dog Products) offers this new recipe for homemade tick and flea powder:

1 cup diatomaceous earth
1/2 cup Neem powder
1/2 cup Yarrow powder
20 drops Eucalyptus oil  – leave this out if making for cats

Should a tick land on you or your dog, there are a variety of tick remover devices on the market.

We offer a new product called TICK SR which when soaked over the tick will cause the tick to pull out of the skin.

Another method is ‘smothering’, which is simply taking an empty vial (an empty pill bottle is most practical), add water and then hold over the tick and surrounding skin.  This technique takes around 20 minutes and as such, is not for the faint of heart.IMG_8022

Here is one pup-parent’s scary journey finding a safe Tick/Flea alternative for her dog…

I started Kiwi on food grade diatomaceous earth a year ago. I was looking for an alternative method of flea control other than the typical topical or pills available. I’d been using Sentinel on her since she was a puppy, but with the increased tick population and because I live in the country and we like to go hiking I wanted something that would help prevent those as well, my vet suggested K9 Advantix. Unfortunately, Kiwi had an allergic reaction to it, which caused her to power puke for hours and landed us at the emergency vet at 4:30AM for subcutaneous fluids because she was dehydrated. After that experience I wanted to try something that would be safer, natural and yet just as effective. The staff at The Chewed Slipper recommended that I try D.E. because it’s natural, nontoxic and chemical free. I dust her about every two weeks and after every bath/swim, this helps to prevent any fleas and ticks. I also feed it to her once a day, sprinkled over her food to help prevent any intestinal worms and parasites. For me, the pros of using DE definitely outnumber the cons, Kiwi’s a medium sized 60lb shorthaired dog so it only takes a few minutes to dust her and it only takes a few minutes extra in the morning to sprinkle the tablespoon amount over her food. It cost me a lot less money since one container will last me about 5-6 weeks compared to the $30 a month that I was spending on ONE pill, she’s never had any adverse side effects to it and it WORKS, we haven’t had any issues with fleas, ticks or parasites. However, I do have to be diligent in dusting her, which can be a nuisance since I live next to a lake that she loves to be in all summer long and she romps around my backyard which is wooded. Her coat can feel a little gritty or dry for the first day after dusting until it’s had a chance to really settle down to her skin.  But, overall I would and do recommend DE to all my friends with pets, it’s worth the little extra time and effort it takes to keep them happy, healthy and flea free. ☺ ~ Vicki Lynch

I hope you found some helpful information in this post and that it found you (and your dog) healthy and TICK FREE!


aka Nicolle Bellefontaine, co-owner, The Chewed SlipperIMG_8030

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