As of June 7th, 2015, The Chewed Slipper realized our 7th anniversary of business.
That’s 2,555 days of spending time with the most pawsome dogs in HRM.

We thought we would reveal the TOP DOG NAMES we have encountered in these past 7 years….

By far the most popular girl name: BELLA/BELLE
and for the boys: TUCKER

And in no particular order:
Charlie, Sophie, Hunter, Jake, May, Cooper, Bailey, Zoey, Brady and Finn

For the list of predicted most popular names in 2015 based on current trending….hit BARKPOST.

But what about the unusual names?  We have had quite of few interesting monikers….
some of which include:

Blanche, Kipper, Primah, Tego, Sola, Ueli, Atticus, Argo, Bilbo, Grizz, Ketch, Wheezie, Boomer, Addie, Bruce, Kiwi, Favor, Traeger, Bray and the late but unforgettable Rocky Elvis.

My two fur-brats are terrier mix Ocean (who answers to Owie/Missy/Baby Girl) and basset hound Lux (who answers to Lucky Bastard/Luxie/Meatball).

Hope you and your furkid have a grrrrr8 day and thanks for reading!


aka Nicolle Bellefontaine
The Chewed Slipper

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