50,000 HOURS

The Chewed Slipper Bed & BARKfest opened June 2008.  As the first dog daycare in Sackville and one of the only cage-free 24 hour live-on-site boarding facilities in HRM, we took a long time to grow our clientele. This afforded us the time to sharpen our skills at ‘dog-reading’.

50,000 hours….that is a conservative number of hours we have logged observing canine behavior.  
Do we know good canine social skills? You bet your dog’s sweet furry butt, we do!


With that said, we are NOT behaviorists and have deep respect for those are able to decipher challenging behaviors….and when we meet a dog who is not comfortable with our intense dog daycare environment we happily recommend this city’s top positive-based trainers and behaviorists.



To provide adequate safety, all dogs must pass a thorough Canine Social Skills Assessment (CSSA is by appointment only). Along with admitting dogs who have suitable temperaments, there must be direct attention to dog play which can only be achieved by maintaining constant eye contact and ability to quickly access all dogs at all times.

50,000 hours spent with dogs has taught us much…and continues to enhance our understanding everyday.

The importance of socializing your dog with its peers and human strangers on a regular basis from the beginning of its life cannot be overstated.  When navigating the outside world and when you have company visiting your home, your dog’s comfort will depend largely on how often and how early they were presented with these scenarios. Dog day care can be a wonderfully effective way to challenge, stimulate, entertain and exercise your beloved furkid.


  • John


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