Bed and BARKfest

When you escape for a night or an entire vacation, it is important to have a safe, secure and clean home-away-from home for your dog.

Every night is a puppy sleepover at The Chewed Slipper!  We offer an intimate boarding experience for dogs (pre-screened for Daycare suitability) complete with cozy beds in climate-controlled environment which is fully staffed by Night Watch care providers. Yes, 24 hours a day there is a warm-blooded dog-crazy person here to provide attention to your four-legged kid.

After a full day spent in our boisterous daycare, each boarder is fed individually and then retires to the calm sleeping chambers.  As well as enjoying a constant supply of fresh water, each boarder is allowed to ‘do their business’ a few times before calling it a night.

Note: prior to any dog participating in daycare or boarding each pup-parent must arrange an appointment for an interview to assess the dog’s suitability for our often boisterous environment. A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required at time of booking you over nights stay.

These Canine Social Skills Assessments are pre-booked by phone 902-252-3294 (press 1).
Assessment days are as follows:  Saturdays 9am-12pm and Mondays 9am-12pm

Canine Social Skills Assessment: a medical & behavioral history of each dog by the parent (15-20 minutes).  Following the paperwork, the candidate is brought into the playroom for a slow introduction to the group to test the readiness to engage with other dogs, separation anxiety from the parent, social sophistication and play style.  This takes 40-60 minutes during which we encourage parents to go for a coffee or shopping break.

If your fur child requires any meds while boarding, please bring them in the original container that they come in.


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  1. Hi,

    I am hoping to board my dog with you from Dec 15th -26th. I am wondering what the estimate for that long of a stay would be.


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